Celebrating 31 Years
1986 - 2017

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Project Salvador
                                                     a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization
                                                TAX ID #: 84-1207953

Contact Information


Project Salvador Contact Information:

PO Box 300105, Denver CO 80203- 0105

Website: www.projectsalvador.org

Phone: 720-297-7091

Email: Send an email to Project Salvador by clicking on the following envelope:

Project Salvador Board of Directors:


Bill Anthony

Erin Kelly

Joanne Doyle (Development Coordinator)

John A. Kukankos

Linda Gottschalk

Lucas García

Mary Alice Bramming (Board President)

Patty Lawless (Treasurer & Project Coordinator)

Wendy Prudencio

Tony Gasbarro (Scholarship Coordinator & Newsletter Editor)



U.S. Staff:

Patty Lawless (Project Coordinator-volunteer)


Support Resources:

Jack & Susan Corrigan


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